Voices of Today

Recordings by Denis Daly


William Shakespeare - Midsummer Night's Dream - Egeus

Anonymous - King Leir - Leir

William Shakespeare - Twelfth Night - Orsino

Nikolai Gogol - The Government Inspector - Osip

Henrik Ibsen - Peer Gynt - Act 5 - Priest

Alexander Pushkin - Boris Godunov - Varlaam


Henry Basham - Augustus Carp

Henry James - Brooksmith

Henry Lawson - the Rising of the Court


C.J.Dennis - Doreen

Edgar Allan Poe - Al Aaraf

T.S.Eliot - Gerontion

Henry Lawson - Tambaroora Jim

Robert Bridges - The Growth of Love

John Milton - Paradise Lost - Book 8

Philosophy and History

Paramahansa Yogananada - Autobiography of a Yogi

The Gospel of Thomas

Winwood Reade - The Martyrdom of Man

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