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Voices of Today

Voices of Today produces a variety of recordings and publications, some of which are free, and, unless otherwise stated, retains copyright over those items.

A network of associated narrators produces solo and group recordings under the aegis of Voices of Today.

Our commercial recordings are available for purchase at Audible.com.

Audible catalogue

Voices of Today maintains a SoundCloud channel which can be accessed here:


Voices of Today recordings can also be accessed via iTunes:


Voices of Today also has a collection of free recordings which can be accessed via the Internet Archive:

Free Catalogue


Associated Groups

Rhapsodize Audio

Rhapsodize Audio was established on 2012 by Bob Gonzalez as a vehicle for the promotion and publication of premium quality performances of classic poetry.

Recordings in the Rhapsodize Audio catalogue are issued under a Creative Commons licence, which permits unrestricted duplication and transmission of the recordings for non-commercial purposes. All of these recordings are of works which are either in the public domain in the USA, or for which permission to make and publish the recording has been granted by the author.

To explore the complete Rhapsodize Audio catalogue please visit:


The Online Stage

The Online Stage is a collective of narrators and actors who have come together to produce and publish high quality recordings of dramatic works in audio format. Many of these productions have been published on Audible .com.

Please visit the following page for full details of the Online Stage catalogue:


The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

This site features recordings of classical Persian poetry.