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Speaking Up

The charter of Voices of Today is to bring literature to life in recorded form. The rapid growth in the audiobook market shows that the public loves a well told story. Having a personal narrator not only opens up aspects of a book that may be missed in reading but also creates a unique form of intimacy that links the story-teller and the listener.

Voices of Today seeks not only to address the needs of the listening public but also to assist and empower those who wish to become narrators themselves. There are few things more absorbing than hearing a great story related with joy and conviction - and for the narrator the experience is even more rewarding.

Please feel free to browse, investigate the catalogue or contact us if you would like any further information about the services provided by Voices of Today.

All Voices of Today narrators operate from their own home studios and use professional grade recording equipment and software.

To listen to examples of audio produced by Voices of Today narrators please check out the Demo Reel.

Our Team

Denis Daly


Denis Daly is a professional narrator and producer of audiobooks. He has provided narration and editing for many projects at Librivox.org and Legamus.eu.

He is also a founding member of Rhapsodize, a group which promotes the performance and recording of classic poetry.

Currently, he has over 100 titles in the Audible.com catalogue, and several more titles are under production.

In 2015 he started a new venture, The Online Stage, which was set up for the production and publication of high quality audio recordings of dramatic classics.

His recordings cover a wide spectrum of genres, including motivational texts, fiction, poetry and dramatic roles. In addition to English, he has recorded texts in German and Italian.

Much of his work has been in collaboration with other narrators, some of whose work is featured in the Voices of Today catalogue. He feels that supportive co-operation rather than competition is the key to both spreading the popularity of spoken audio and also to raising production standards.

As an Australian, he has a natural affinity with the literature of his own country, much of which has not yet appeared in audiobook format. One of his keenest desires is to bring international attention to the classics of Australian literature, many of which have not attracted the attention that they deserve.

Jennifer Fournier

Regional Director - USA

Jennifer is the American representative of Voices of Today. Born and bred in New England, she became a world traveler at age 16 as an exchange student to Ecuador and hasn't stopped since. In addition to Ecuador, she's lived in Canada, England, Germany, and Japan and visited many more countries. Settled for now in Virginia in the United States, her “day job” is as an attorney.

Jennifer began her voice acting career with Librivox in December 2015. She moved quickly to commercial productions, first with The Online Stage as Jocasta in Oedipus Rex and then to audiobooks, becoming the voice of Polly Parrett in the Polly Parrett Pet-Sitter Cozy Murder Mystery series. Whether narrating a textbook or the adventures of teenage space explorers, Jennifer brings her love of the art to every project she does. “I thought Jennifer Fournier did a fantastic job with the narration. I would not hesitate to listen to any other books that she is narrating.” (listener review of narration of Transcendence by Danielle Ackley-McPhail)

She attends local sci-fi and author conventions and can be often be found chatting with writers and other attendees extolling the virtues of audiobooks. Always happy to share her interests with others, Jennifer welcomes emails from anyone interested in law, audiobook production, travel or knitting!

Cate Barratt

Regional Director - Canada

Cate Barratt’s introduction to theatre began in community college, where she played the part of Mary Warren in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible; she later took on a small role with the Ottawa Little Theatre in Leonard Gershe’s Butterflies Are Free.

While most of her working career was devoted to the field of communications, like acting, getting her message across to the ‘audience’ was always her objective. It was always her personal goal, too; she lived several years in Germany, where she felt the need to be fluent in German so she could communicate effectively. From there, she moved to Quebec City, where she learned to speak French with ease. As an adult, the lure of Mexican beaches as respite from the bone-chilling winters of Ottawa where she later lived motivated her to take up Spanish.

Languages and a knack for adopting accents have been Cate’s passion all her life. Entering the world of audio books was a natural fit and outlet for her. She began by volunteering with Librivox.org in 2011, where she has recorded in excess of 1100 sections, including 38 solo recordings. The quality of her work led to invitations to join progressively more professional networks, and she has now contributed to sixteen titles at Audible.com. Cate continues to produce solo and collaborative recordings, but today is a proud management team member of Voices of Today.